Zero Waste A-Rations

We started serving the National Guard in 1995 beginning with western and southwestern part of the Ohio. We were so successful that by the end of 1997 we were asked to serve the entire state of Ohio. 

Our National Guard Program has evolved and we have extended our services to other states.
Our current customers include:

Ohio Army National Guard - Pennsylvania Army National Guard
Virginia Army National Guard - Maryland Army National Guard
Indiana Army National Guard

In addition, we provide service for Air Guard, Army Reserves and some active duty when they train at either Fort Indiantown Gap or Fort Pickett.

Our program is somewhat unique to what is customarily offered by other vendors. We have recognized the need to provide an ordering system that is designed to simplify the process of requesting rations and greatly reduce or eliminate costly mistakes and waste. At the same time provide quality class one support for our Soldiers.

Working with your Food Program Manager:

  • We review grocery lists generated using your menus in AFMIS and determine which of those items would be able to be sourced and pack sized to fit your needs.

  • We split cases and have items specifically packed to reduce or eliminate waste.

  • We manufacture fresh, frozen and shelf stable meal kits which can be replacements to MRE’s or travel rations to further supplement the A-Ration support.

  • We incorporate the list of line items into our database and build menus.

  • We calculate the quantity of items needed and generate an order confirmation, purchase reports, picking papers, labels, load sheets, delivery receipts and invoices.

  • We charge you by the head count not the line item with guaranteed price for one full year.

  • Our system generates labels for each item being shipped by menu number and shipping date, keeping all meal components together. Items are packed in boxes with frozen, refrigerated and dry items packed together for easier separation upon receipt. It’s very similar to a UGR-A process, however, we use your menus and specific quantities which does not require supplements or enhancements, as UGR’s do.