From The Heart
Thank you for taking the time to read our website.  We appreciate your interest and hope that we’ll have the opportunity to serve you in a very special and personal way.

Our family company is celebrating more than 50 years in service to customers who have become our closest friends.  Clients from throughout America have come to rely on our unparalleled commitment to excellence in product as well as our dedication to integrity, service and value.  And because we’ve placed the interests of our clients before our own interests for a half-century, these customers have stayed with us and become good friends and family.

We welcome you to Valley Food Systems and look forward to serving you in such a way that you, too, will enjoy a lifetime relationship with us.


Over 50 years of
In 1959, Mary Ann and John Valley began their home-based catering service. Soon their small family business grew into the full-fledged food service company that is known today as Valley Food Systems and serves customers throughout America on military bases, wherever natural disasters occur, and a wide array of specialty markets. In 1995, Valley Food Systems began serving the Ohio National Guard with an innovative zero-waste A-Rations program. The Pennsylvania National Guard followed, in 1998, as did the Virginia National Guard in 1999. Today, National Guard units across the country are being served by Valley Food Systems.

As a Class One Provider, Valley Food Systems also supplies meals to the US Army, the US Navy, and other branches of the armed forces.

The company’s capabilities were tested on a giant scale when it was called upon to help feed victims of hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma — and most recently Gustav and Ike — as well as the rescue and restoration workers who converged on the sites. Currently we manufacture a 3 year shelf-stable, self-heating meal kit typically designed for disaster preparedness.

It’s the VALLEY FOOD SYSTEMS difference… large enough to produce at the level of major contract food service companies with unmatched quality, ability to offer flexibility, customization, and uncompromised customer service!